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Underworld FanFiction
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This community is for fanfiction and recs for fanfiction for the movie, Underworld. Rules:

1 - NC-17, R, and AU stories are allowed, but they must have a warning and be under an LJ-cut. If it has a non-canon pairing, give a warning as well. If your story is humor, say so and say if it has OOC-ness. Slash is not allowed, because there are communites/groups specifically for that.
2 - If your story is more than five hundred words, put it under an lj-cut. Multi-chapter posting is allowed, but say what chapter you're on.
3 - You may post an URL link to your story if you simply want to do that.
4 - No form is needed before the fic, simply put any warnings needed, disclaimer, and a small summary/chapter number.
5 - Recommending stories is fine, but give credit to the author and an URL link to said fic.
6 - Do not post any Mary-Sue stories, or any OOC stories unless specificied as humor. If I see any stories like that or am contacted on any stories like that, you will recieve warning and will have seven days to remove the fic. If it is not removed, I will remove it myself. If it is done again, you and the story will be removed from the community.

Those are the rules. I'm trying not to be too restritive. Now, post away and have fun.